Stream streaming videos(youtube) using PMS

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Stream streaming videos(youtube) using PMS

Postby shashaank » Sat May 10, 2014 7:44 am


How about streaming a file and watching it on your PS3 while it is still being downloaded?
The source could be anything, youtube, or any random website.
Ofcourse, youtube video you can directly watch in PS3, but say you want to WATCH that youtube
video and also save it (download it) at the same time.
You would ordinarily first download the complete file and then watch it.

Using this new technology, called Neembuu Now (java based free and open source application)
you can watch and download videos at the same time.
What it does is, it converts http links into kernel virtual files (something like daemon tools, mounting, I hope you understand what I mean)

Let us say you have a link

You want to download it & watch it (on your PS3 or other devices) at the same time.
All in one single go. You want that when you forward the video, the download point also shifts,
yes it is possible.

This link is converted into a virtual file
such as : C:\Users\Shashank Tulsyan\.neembuu-now\release1\NeembuuVirtualFolder\BigBuckBunny_320x180.mp4

Now this file you can open in PMS and stream it to your PS3.
The file is downloaded ONLY when you start watching the video,
and the file is downloaded only from where you are watching the video.

Neembuu Now for now supports, youtube and any random http links.
Expect bittorent support in next month or so.

If you like the idea, please comment.
Any tip, suggestion, remark, criticism, feedback would be most appreciated.

Thanks and keep streaming :D

Oops, btw here is a screenshot
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