"There are no tracks." - Am I doing something wrong?

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"There are no tracks." - Am I doing something wrong?

Postby derchris » Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:07 pm


first of all, thanks to the developers for this PS3 media server.
Looking good.

However, I'm currently facing a problem, and not sure where to look or what to change.
I added some Share to the config to test the server.
When I go to the PS3 -> Media Library -> Video -> All Videos ->, I see a Transcode Folder, with all the Videos in it.
But they are all folders as well.
If I click on one of them, I get this "There are no tracks." message.
I get these messages with every file, and not just with Media Library. Same is when I select the folder name right from the start.
Looked at the config options, but couldn't see anything there.

Anybody know what/where to look at?

Thanks in advance,


rofl, maybe I should go to the Video tab first next time I want to watch a Video :lol:

Sorry for this useless post ;)
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Re: "There are no tracks." - Am I doing something wrong?

Postby bnz » Thu May 14, 2009 11:19 pm

omg. i just uselessly made the same mistake. thanks for posting ;-)
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