Select multiple MP3s on PS3 (Solved)

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Select multiple MP3s on PS3 (Solved)

Postby warrickguy » Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:06 pm

This may really be a PS3 question, but here goes. I have PMS setup to serve all my mp3s. They are all arranged in folders by genre, artist and album. I have two Grace Digital internet radios and a PS3 as renderers. With the Grace radios when I navigate around and open a folder I get an option to <Add to queue> as well as a listing of all the mp3s in the folder. I can select any mp3 individually and and play it or if I select <Add to queue) all the mp3s in that folder are queued up and played by the radio. With the PS3, I can navigate around the directory structure and when opening a folder I see all the mp3s in it. I can select any one of them and the PS3 immediately starts playing that one file. Is there any way to select more that one mp3 using the PS3? Again, I'm a noob and this is really a PS3 question, but can anyone help?

Nevermind: Just had to sort out the shuffle and repeat settings on the PS3. Now it plays the files in succession.
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