With the release of PS4 what next...

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With the release of PS4 what next...

Postby mazey » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:40 am

well its almost here and it got me wondering, im sure ps3 media server will support the ps4 i have no doubts in my mind about that, but maybe its time to change the server name as it handles alot of systems now and will for a long time to come with profiles as easy to make as 123.. and a good support and developer base not to mention alot of loyal fans like me :) personally i was gonna buy the ps4 no matter what as i love final fantasy games and eventually with 15 it will be on ps4 but thats some time ahead and im trying to find some reasons to get it early, i still remember getting my ps3 i couldnt afford a single game for months after buying it but it gave me time to explore all the features and the media server got me searching and i searched ps3 media server :) and that led me here some time ago.. good times. nowadays i usually just use my bravia to watch on and only occasionally use the ps3 to watch on but its nice to have the option. anyway just some food for thought..
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