PS3 Media Server ROCKS!!!

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PS3 Media Server ROCKS!!!

Postby jkennedy » Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:15 pm

My PS3 Media Server experience:

One and a half weeks ago I purchased a PS3 for the purposes of streaming my HD media from a Window Home Server to do it. Well, using WMP11 or Orb, it was definitely not a pleasant experience. I had major issues with all video files not just the HD media after a while of playing videos that would play perfectly on my 360 I gave up. I decided the PS3 was going back. It just so happened that a few days later I visited a friend who is an avid supporter of the PS3. Well, I showed him all the issues I was having with the PS3 and he had to agree with my assessment that there are a lot of issues with streaming to the PS3. So I take back the PS3 and get a 360 Elite, same price, easy swap but didn't have time to set it up. Next day I hear back from this same friend who tells me about PS3 Media Server and how much he said this software will solve all my problems. (Yeah right!?) So I agree to download it and test it out on my WHS. Download goes smoothly, install flawless, configured "Zero" and setup as a service (I did it the hard way), but no issues. Turn on my 360, RED LIGHTS OF DEATH!!!, unbelievable. No the Elite didn't have the 3 lights, my old 360 did. Either way, that was it, Elite was going back, no more Microsoft for me. So off I go last Friday night and swap the Elite for the PS3, plus get some equipment to fix my 360s RLOD. Well, after spending countless hours Friday night trying to solve the RLOD, I decided to unboxed the PS3 and try out PS3 Media Server. Well, that was the smarts thing I had done all night. PS3 Media Server worked on the PS3 with the PS3 right out of the box. PS3 had no issues finding PS3 Media Server, listed it under videos, photos and music. I was able to see all the drives on my WHS (which I never even had to log into and hadn't since installing and restarting the WHS about 4 days earlier). 90% of my videos played flawlessly with full surround sound. I even have home movies from a Sony HD camera in .M2TS format, that I've played directly to the TV from the camcorder, through a very powerful PC, converted to 360 formats and played through the 360. But none of these options compared to the PS3. These files played through PMS, were unbelievably clear and the sound was pushed through to my receiver in full 5.1 surround sound, I've never been able to do that before with any format the video was in. Out of all the programs I've used over my lifetime for all sorts of different things, by far PMS is better then them all. I cannot comprehend how major companies like Sony and Microsoft can't even come close to making a product like this for their systems and PMS is FREE!!!! Amazing!!! I want to send a HUGE THANKS for all the people who have worked on this product, awesome work! My Donation won't be far behind and it's worth every penny!

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Re: PS3 Media Server ROCKS!!!

Postby Carnivac » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:06 pm

Yup it's good. This program's an essential part of my PS3 media usage and none of the others I used before come close. I've told other PS3 owning friends of mine about this program and they too are very impressed with it's capabilities, ease of use and of course the 'price'.
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Re: PS3 Media Server ROCKS!!!

Postby duerra » Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:53 am

As somebody who has struggled off and on to get TVersity properly function, I was finally able to get it to generally work, albeit usually hobbling along on one leg. Finding PS3 Media Server has been a dream come true. It "just works", and while I have a couple minor issues with it (I have to turn up the priority in Windows for it to work without skipping if it is transcoding - a CPU power limitation), I remain ecstatic for this software. Additionally, I have been able to get my XBox 360 to work with the PS3MS on videos that wouldn't play through TVersity. And add to that the fact that this is open source and supports just about every format under the sun? And the ridiculously cool idea of the virtual folders for transcoding? Unbelievable! Keep up the great work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Re: PS3 Media Server ROCKS!!!

Postby TheLlama » Wed May 27, 2009 6:47 am

As somebody who has struggled off and on to get TVersity properly function, I was finally able to get it to generally work, albeit usually hobbling along on one leg.

Second that. It was always "Well, it plays about half of my stuff just fantastic....."
I was never able to get Internet Radio working with Tversity. After 5 minutes of fiddling with PMS, I have a whole host of stations that all work. I even used the latest edition of TVersity Pro, hoping that would be better, with the same results. Half my stuff worked, and the rest was greeted with the wonderful Data Not Supported message. My scattered collection of MKVs now work with no issues. I have yet to find something to throw at PMS that it doesn't happily play.

Glad I never got around to donating to Tversity :P
I'll happily donate here instead.
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