4u2Stream and Cidero (good for troubleshooting also)

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4u2Stream and Cidero (good for troubleshooting also)

Postby ExSport » Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:26 pm

Hello all.
I found on net this great application. Maybe someone will be interrested.
Also it is good for finding problems why PMS is not working ;)
If you don't see on the left PMS(upnp server), it is PMS or OS related problem.
If you don't see on the right PS3(media renderer), it is in most cases network/firewall related problem. 8-)


Also very good project here(less beta as 4u2Stream and with more features, compatibility etc...):

Cidero is very good for testing purposes how it will looks on PS3, what exactly some option(hide extension,media library,etc.) do:-) Great when you are away from PS3!!! :mrgreen:
Also good Debug Window where you can see UPNP communication 8-)
You can see Search, Subscription, Alive Notifications, ByeBye Notifications, Action and Event messages without WireShark.... :roll:
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