Thank you, I have a cool setup now :)

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Thank you, I have a cool setup now :)

Postby Danieldk1 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:06 am

I was running PS3 Media server on an old celeron laptop ( nothing to boast about)

And recently found a HP proliant microserver (N36L) for relatively cheap,
added 8Gb non-ECC RAM ( the server sais it wants ECC but the box will work without ECC without problems :D)
added a GTX520 1Gb GFx with a low profile bracket
2TB Seagate external on eSATA ( automounts on boot) we are buying some more HDDs as we see them at good prices
running ubuntu 11.10 quite happily :D
and PMS 1.50..

does anyone know how I can use the stream processors on the NVIDIA card for transcoding in PMS?

The box streams 1080p happily to the PS3 through a router ( wired connection, the wireless-N usage before made the router overheat and disconnect when I did this )

EDIT** ok, larger MKV files seem to start lagging and skipping after 10 or so minutes, it doesn't happen on my i5 machine so I think its the amd chip on the server battling a bit... :P


PMS is awesome
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