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Postby bigger_swede » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:24 pm

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Question about the Medialibrary function. I have about 50 movies that I share from my harddrive, using 100mbit LAN cable to the PS3. For some reason when I activate thumbnails it takes a very long time when I click a movie or music folder. My own created images for the movies are from 30kb-400kb but mostly around 150kb... The music covers is sometimes downloaded from the web but some music has the image stored in the mp3 (from Itunes this is done when syncin with my ipod) and then it show much faster.

Am I doing something wrong or what size 500x400 should we use for own images for thumbnails, PNG gets very big but you can have transparent images, jpg is very small.

Is it a possibilty to enable thumbails for video and not for audio? Since when downloading from the web is slow sometimes?

Or is the whole Idea of a medialibrary that PS3MS caches the thumbnails like Windows x'P/Vista? In my case the images reload every time I click on a folder.

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