my PS3MS & Bravia KDL22EX320 diary

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my PS3MS & Bravia KDL22EX320 diary

Postby durian50 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:04 pm

I wanted to keep a diary of my server network thing, hope this is ok in here, feel free to add your comments and experiences but you must stay on topic. thanks

belkin router

1.5 Ghz XP amd ancient piece of 20yo desktop junk connected to the LG via dvi and running PS3MS to serve to the PS3 and the Bravia, vlc for general playback, locked off from the internet, and no other software on it, only used for playback on the network and LG tv.

LG lcd 32"
22" Bravia smart tv
Win7 net book
Fujitsu Ubuntu laptop
4TB storage on usb2
ancient XP laptop running Utorrent alone
5:1 audio optically from the PS3 and LG

so, I installed PS3MS v1.30.1 on the ancient peice of junk, after a few googles i learnt that port 5001 needs to be open on the firewall, so i set that on its windows firewall and also set that in 'virtual servers' on the belkin router. 5001 tcp

i had results on the bravia but not great, kept not seeing the server but repeated 'server diagnosis' seemed to work.
if i used the 'return' on the bravia remote to stop playback and get back to menus the performance was worse than if i use the 'stop' button on the bravia remote to take me back to the server file lists.

not enitrely happy i googled more and went for 'Servio' as apparently sony like this.... didnt work, opened the ports, bugger all, hate it, hate its interface, coulnt get ris of it quick enough......

googled more and found PS3MS 1.20.412 beta ... apparently this works better with bravia tellys'

much better results. serving up much better than 1.30.1 as was suggested. still a bit buggy tho for me.

still getting occasional 'server not there' when it clearly is there.

I usually play content in VLC via DVI to the LG 32" l but the sound is rubbish with ac3 cos i use the line out of the sound card to the LG and then optically fromo the LG to the 5:1 so things get a bit unmuxed junky & nasty sometimes.

playing the same movie thro PS3MS v 1.20.412 to the PS3 gives amazing differences, mostly in the audio, i get my proper 5:1, dialogue is 100 times clearer on the center speaker and the picture is a lot sharper.

still not 100% happy, i need to find out why the bravia cant see the same file lists and directories that the ps3 can see.
i did read something about a limit of 8 folders in a tree, but is there a file limit in a folder....

i currently have 400 avi/mp4/mkv movies in one folder on a usb 2TB drive, PS3MS sees it in 1.20.412 but 1.30.1 couldn't, altho i haven't left the system running long enough to make the thumbnails in 412.

more soon, still a bit blinded by the fact that movies look better thro my router. lol.
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