Does ps3ms support AC3/MP3 to DTS transcoding?

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Does ps3ms support AC3/MP3 to DTS transcoding?

Postby omghi2u » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:58 am

I know it can transcode DTS to AC3 since ps3 cant decode dts audio track, but can we do the oppsite? I ask because due to the recent cinavia protection, couldnt we use the dts lpcm stream trick to our reciever to bypass the check? If i understand how the dts sound is working right now is that ps3ms just sends the raw dts data via lpcm and you must have a seperate reciever to decode the audio data, shouldnt this also prevent the actual ps3 from decoding the cinavia protection? I know this wont fix the cinavia, but it would be a solution for us with reciever correct? I am not knowleageable to demux a dirty file's audio from mp3 to dts to test this theory, but maybe some one else could? If it works, it would be a nice feature to have to be able to transcode any audio back to DTS.
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Re: Does ps3ms support AC3/MP3 to DTS transcoding?

Postby ExSport » Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:39 am

If you have AC3 protected stream with Cinavia, you can test it yourself and send results here 8-)
For now I am not sure about free DTS encoder but I think AC3filter includes DTS encoder but don't know if it can be used somehow with PMS or used it for manual AC3->DTS conversion.
For manual encoding eac3to can be used but in this case you need non-free encoder:
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For DTS encoding you need:
(1) SurCode DVD DTS - version 1.0.21 or newer

But it is worth trying it! :mrgreen:
Also it can be useful to find free DTS encoder with pipes support if exists! Maybe FFMPEG can do it with latest versions? Google is our friend in finding it....
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