Xbox360 w/ PS3MediaServer on Ubuntu 10.10

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Xbox360 w/ PS3MediaServer on Ubuntu 10.10

Postby turtle342 » Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:02 pm

Hey guys, first post here with a few problems I've got with MP3 playback on my Xbox

Heres the setup:-

Xbox 360 Slim using Wireless N
PS3MediaServer 1.20.412 installed on Ubuntu 10.10

The issue seems to be that on the Xbox you have to browse either Video, Music or Photo. Video and Photo sections are working fine, but the Music section doesn't seem to list any artists, until I browse to the folder via the Video browser and try play back an album, It then lists and plays under the music section fine!

Under the Navigation / Share settings tab I've enabled the Media Library / Cache and selected and scanned a root folder containing mp3's organised in folders for Artist and a sub directory for albums. I've also tried selecting just a folder with a few Mp3's in directly but unfortunately the problem still occurs!

Any help would be appreciated and if you need any logs etc I can post them up!

Cheers in advance, Turtle
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Re: Xbox360 w/ PS3MediaServer on Ubuntu 10.10

Postby gardabeltsfan » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:41 pm

Hmm, I wish threads involving the 360 and Ubuntu actually got replies. A thread I made a few weeks ago got none.

First off, on the Ubuntu box, are you logged in as root or just a plain user? I noticed PMS completely fails if you are logged in as root & launc the init.d process(ie pms-linux start) if you are logged in as root. If you login as a regular user, sudo to root(ie sudo bash), then do the init.d start, it mostly works. You can see it on the network, kind of access MP3s, etc.

I assume all your MP3 files have proper metatagging?
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