Popcorn Hour A-100 with DTS Audio. Editing .conf...

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Popcorn Hour A-100 with DTS Audio. Editing .conf...

Postby TurboGLH » Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:24 am

I have an older popcorn hour, the original A-100 model. I hooked it up recently in my bedroom to have a streaming option there, and it works fine except this model does not include DTS down sampling. They lacked a DTS license (added on the A-110) and can only pass through any DTS audio. My tv, of course, does not support DTS and I don't have a receiver or such in there.

The A-100 can playback MKV's just fine, as well as Dolby encoded material. I can achieve playback by going to the transcode folder and manually selecting MEncoder, which transcodes to a mpegts/dd track. However that causes me to lose features such as chapters, fast forward and resume play, the last being the real killer. If I change movies, or shut it off for some reason. I have to watch it from the beginning again when I want to continue watching.

I read the ps3.conf file, and after looking it over I felt I had a fair grasp on what I needed to do, so I tried editing the popcorn hour .conf file, and changed the following.




This would seem to keep mkv's unchanged, but force DTS tracks to be transcoded. I've also set the audio channels as 2 and with a low bitrate (384kbps) in the transcoding tab. However, it doesn't seem to work, and when I playback a video containing DTS on the popcorn hour it still shows a MKV/DTS.

Is it possible to keep the mkv unconverted to allow me to keep chapters/FF/resume, while forcing DTS to be transcoded to AC3?
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