Panasonic TX p54 Z1e

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Panasonic TX p54 Z1e

Postby gletscherbonbon » Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:29 pm

maybe you have similar problem already been solved:

I have the next to the Twonky media server and the Windows Media server and the PS3 Media Server. The latter is, in my experience (according to various settings) also able to stream my movies in MKV container without stuttering in 1080 from the PC.

Now my problem: I can only see them on my Panasonic GW 20, which recognizes the Sony Z1 PS3 Media Server (in the menu), but no more, he shows me no files.
The other servers, including Twonky media server but are easily detected on both plasma.

Do you have experience with the PS3 media server and the Z1?
Do you have another conf. File for "panasonic Z1" in the "renderer"?
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