Panasonic TX-P42V20B with Seagate 2TB

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Panasonic TX-P42V20B with Seagate 2TB

Postby DanielTheo » Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:38 pm

Hi, sorry for complete ignorance on this, but am looking for help to understand how to access files through the generic "media server" function on my new Panasonic TV. On the remote I have a quick access to media server, and on selecting this, it picks up my (new) Seagate 2TB wireless disk. On screen, I then have option to view photo's, music etc., yet all the directories/sub directories are empty (as you'd assume). So on this point, I'm assuming it's picking up the Seagate network storage drive through the TV's wireless capabilities?

Say I therefore want to start saving movies, pictures etc., to this disk, so I can view them through the TV, how do I do this so that the Panasonic Media Server picks them up. I have no idea how to move files so I can see them under the directory structure on the TV's media server. What I see from the laptop viewing the drives and what I see on the TV seems to have no correlation?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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