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TViX Support

Postby drsnow » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:41 am

I was sitting at home the other day, looking at my old TViX HD that does not support the modern codecs (but is a great PVR for TV at least). It got me thinking, why don't I add the functionality to PS3 media server.

It (TViX) supports network connection, both SMB and NFS ( talks to TViX netshare), where it gets info about the media.

I was thinking that all I would need to do is create a java NFS server, that takes the library of the ps3 media server, and anything it can natively play, it just plays, the rest could be transcoded to a supported format, as is done with the PS3.

I am not sure if I will actually get around to it, but if I put the idea up there, someone might be thinking of the same idea.
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