BRAVIA KLD-40W5500 correct recognition problem

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BRAVIA KLD-40W5500 correct recognition problem

Postby saint » Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:52 pm

PMS regonize my BRAVIA KLD-40W5500 as:

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[New I/O server worker #2-2] TRACE 18:46:51.954 Media renderer was not recognized. HTTP User agent :UPnP/1.0

I checked debug.log and found:

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X-AV-Client-Info: av=5.0; cn="Sony Corporation"; mn="BRAVIA    S E R I A L N"; mv="1.7";

Can I fix it somehow?
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Re: BRAVIA KLD-40W5500 correct recognition problem

Postby patters » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:52 pm

Look in the PS3MS program folder, then the renderers folder. Edit Bravia5500.conf and change the appropriate line to:
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UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch=(BRAVIA KDL.+5[0-9]{3})|(BRAVIA KDL.+WE5)|(BRAVIA KDL-[0-9]{2}XBR9)|(BRAVIA KDL.+EX5)|(BRAVIA    S E R I A L N)

Those | symbols mean "or". It's describing which strings to look for in the model ID. Odd that yours announces itself like that - is it running an old firmware perhaps?
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