Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

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Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

Postby MasterBaker » Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:12 am

Hey guys! I've been trying to use PS3 Media server (PMS) with an original Xbox (not the three sixty, which I won't write in numbers here for the sake of the search engine).

That's an Xbox 1, the old, huge black square machine. Specifically, i'm trying to use PMS to take HD contents and downsample it to a level the XBox will accept. So far, i've had no luck.

Using PMS (latest beta as of this posting - pms-linux-1.20.409) and XMBC T3CH (an old 2008 release), I can sucessfully browse the PMS server, see the files as well as the #transcode# folders. But when i play a hi-rez movie the first image appears... and most of the time that's it. Video playback freezes at the first video frame and the whole Xbox grinds to a halt.

I have quickly tried messing with the XMBC.conf file -
added MaxVideoWidth=720 and MaxVideoHeight=480 but that didnt change a thing.

I'm using the latest beta build from PS3MediaServer + a really old version of XBMC (2008) on the Xbox, but for the moment i'd rather not upgrade the Xbox as my DVD-Drive is toast (which makes it complicated to fix if the upgrade breaks it)

Otherwise, any input on where I could start to try to get this to work (eg : what keywords in the config should i look into?)


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Re: Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

Postby Daveychan » Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:07 am

I'm very interested in this too! I love my XBMC on my Xbox1, but it's been well established that it can't handle the MKV files...
But if the PC did all the work with PS3MS, maybe, just maybe there might be a glimmer of hope?


(Sorry to bump a 4 month old post, but i've been searching for a while with this question specifically in mind!)
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Re: Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

Postby Sunglasses » Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:28 pm

I Have set this for my old xbox with xbmc and it realy works !!! with 1080p DTS MKV !!!


# ps3mediaserver renderer profile for xbox media center
# Refer to PS3.conf for help


Supported = f:avi v:divx|mp4 a:ac3|mp3|aac m:video/avi
Supported = f:mp4|qt v:h264|mp4 a:aac n:2 m:video/mp4
Supported = f:wmv v:wmv|vc1 a:wma m:video/x-ms-wmv

Supported = f:mp3 m:audio/mpeg

Supported = f:jpg m:image/jpeg
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Re: Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

Postby raoulteeuwen » Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:41 pm

Can i ask how you guys had the XBMC find the PS3MediaServer? I have an xbox1 with T3CH XBMC. I have PS3MediaServer on an iMac. I use it to stream video from the iMac to a PS3. I now wanted to see whether i could connect the XBOX1.

I started XBMC, choose VIDEO. Than i need to add a source? I tried to add uPnP, but when i do, i only see a folder "..". So i don't see the iMac, PS3MediaServer or anything else.

Basically i did as described at ... g-UPnP.php , but after Click on UPnP Devices i don't see any devices, only ..

The xbox1 IS connected to the LAN. And while i was doing this the PS3MediaServer was streaming to the PS3, so the PS3MediaServer was active on the LAN. Or could it be the PS3MediaServer won't be shown on my xbox1 while it is serving the PS3? I checked all PS3MediaServer options and don't see a 'limit to x connections' option, so i would expect it to at least be visible to the xbox1?
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Re: Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

Postby mopped90 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:50 pm

I ve seen your post, and you are doing extremly complicated. Just add upnp devices to your list in videos without trying to access your server directly.
Now you can click upnp server auto discovery and check if your box is seeing ps3 server.

Anyway your way should also work, thus i think you need to check version of your xbmc.
Caution, i have downloaded the latest version of xbmc and stable one, here is the picture renderin broken... the version of mid 2010 from svn works fine...

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Re: Microsoft XBox 1 (The Original Xbox)

Postby raoulteeuwen » Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:18 pm

Thanks @mopped90 ... what is complicated in my way :-)? Anyway, I did add the uPnP in the video section, but the PS3 Media Server running on the iMac did not show up (as said, i do also have a PS3 wired to the LAN, and that does see the PS3 Media Server). So maybe it is the version of XBMC. Somewhere in the next days i'll try to find time to identify the version on my xbox and available for download, upgrade if applicable etc, and report back :-).
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