Streaming BD over network?

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Streaming BD over network?

Postby machstem » Thu May 27, 2010 3:00 pm

Hi all,

My PS3 recently died, so with it, died my only way of watching my BluRay discs. However, I also used my PS3 to play my 720p and HD content of rips I made of my movies with a buddy's BluRay drive on his computer.

Here is my dilemma: I need two things, but am trying to cut down on costs. I don't know how I'm going to set my next system up, but would like some advice. Here is what I was thinking, but haven't been able to find a solution as of yet.

1) I want to continue either streaming or copying my HD content to a home theater player like the WD Live to my 40inch LCD TV using HDMI (1080p)

2) I have several (hundreds) BluRay movies that I want to watch on my TV, obviously, but would need something that could play the discs (like a bluray player) locally, i.e plugged in HDMI to my TV

So, basically, I'm looking for something like the Popcorn Hour or the WDLive that also supports being able to read BluRay discs, OR, buy a BluRay drive for my PC that contains all my HD content and stream it all, including the BD that are inserted into the computer. My computer is downstairs, which is a hassle, but am willing to do. Can PS3MediaServer stream the content from a BluRay drive on a computer? I think I recall being able to stream a DVD, am I correct in my assumption? I've never had a real use for it.

So, to recap:

- need a home theater that plays HD files like MKV as well as read BluRay discs, so one with a BluRay drive attached to it. Not sure if this is even possible
- as it was, I was streaming ALL my HD content from my Windows 7 box over my network using PS3MediaServer and playing them through my PS3, now dead
- as it was, I played my BD movies and shows from my PS3, which is now dead
- wondering if I can stream the content from a BD disc off the PC downstairs, to a unit such as the WD Live or other home theater variant

I'd like to try and avoid buying a new PS3 if possible, I hardly play console games (more of a PC gamer), and we already own a Wii and xbox360, which as you know for the 360, does not support MKV and even when I convert them to MP4, cannot support HD + digital audio, so no DD or DTS. I'm an audio whore, so I need my 5.1 minimum.

Thanks for any advice!
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