Sharing Experience: c2d 1.6Ghz 1080p to TV

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Sharing Experience: c2d 1.6Ghz 1080p to TV

Postby zarra » Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:13 am

I also would like to share my Experience with forum-mates, not sure if this is right place in forum, but please advice or move it.
I'm using latest BETA build to date: 1.20.409
Right now, I have laptop Acer Extensa 5620:
Core 2 Duo, T5450, Bus Speed: 667, 2 MB Cache ( ... Spec=SLA4F)
2GB RAM 800Mhz
Radeon 2400 HD w/256MB Dedicated

My TV:
Sony BRAVIA 46W5500

Wireless router from Trendnet, 100mbps wired and 54 Mbps via Wireless G.

Tried three ways:
a) Laptop connected to router by Wireless, TV connected router via Cable
b) Laptop connected to router by Cable, TV connected router via Cable
c) Laptop connected to TV directly by Cable

Did see a little performance improvement while using way B and C just a little, but didn't help any way .

File formats tried: mkv (Matroska, h.264), avi (mpeg4, mpeg2), wmv.

Approaches that I've tried:
DVDRip, TVRip, DVD 5/9, avi: Runs smoothly All ways
720p: Works smooth when works, but most of the time TV Says "Can't play video", I think because of some buffer
1080p Mostly does not get played at all, but when works Audio stutters a lot, video stutters like it is playing 15-20 fps, watchable if very needed, but not enjoying at all.

Somehow .mov files don't work for me at all, maybe you could help me to set it up to work?

Thank you!
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Re: Sharing Experience: c2d 1.6Ghz 1080p to TV

Postby shagrath » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:55 pm

your cpu is maybe not powerful enough to handle 1080p
about the 720p errors, hard to answer without appropriate logs
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Re: Sharing Experience: c2d 1.6Ghz 1080p to TV

Postby HanSolo » Mon May 10, 2010 6:37 pm

I'm running PMS on an Intel core2-quad, 2.83 GHz, streaming over a home-plug network (~ 30 - 40 Mbit/s) to a Pioneer Kuro Plasma TV. I can notice stuttering when streaming blue-ray media (MKV with H264) and using Mencoder. The cpu load is ~ 150% (1.5 cpu's) and in scenes with lot of actions the picture/sounds deteriorates or stutters. This happens only when running with subtitles, i.e. using Mencoder. When I run the 1920x1080 media through tsmuxer, my cpu load < 10% and both sound and pictures are perfect! I initially though that I had a network problem, and that the home-plug bandwidth was to low. Trying a 100 Mbit/s direct connection between computer and TV made absolutely no difference, transcoding through Mencoder was the bottle-neck. So maybe you should try to stream media which is supported by tsmuxer (and your TV) ...?
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