Sony KDL-50W805B and external subtitles

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Sony KDL-50W805B and external subtitles

Postby fredlc » Thu May 08, 2014 10:02 pm

Hello there.

Recently I bought a Sony KDL-50W805B, and started playing with it's multimedia specs. One of the things I decided was to try DLNA, something I never used before.

As the native windows 7 solution is pretty bare-bones, I decided to go for PS3 Media Server.

I tried to connect it with my PS3, and it worked beautifully as I would expect - except that, through the wireless connection between my living room and my office space (where I have my PC), the playback stutter something awful.

I decided to try streaming directly to the TV, and in that I had good and bad news.

The PSM does recognize my TV, but as a generic "unknown renderer"; don't know if that is supposed to be that way, but the other way around is specific - the TV shows PS3 media server as an source option.

The playback using the TV does not stutter at all - and these are the good new - even with large (ober 3 GB) 1080p .MKV files. I assume it's because the TV supports the newer G band signal, while PS3 is stuck to A/B. Score 1 for PSM.

However, subtitles won't play. Even when I have the .SRT renamed to the exact same name as the .MKV file, and placed in the same directory, the TV always shows "subtitles unavaiable" when I try to activate them. Again, they worked when I used the PS3 hardware with my low-res files that didn't stutter.

Also, some files got invisible in the directory they actually were in, and only some of them were visible. which behaved in what way is apparently random - at least I could not find a pattern in the many sub-folders I tried. And even the invisible ones were, well, only partially invisible. Here's what happened:

The TV shows the #--TRANSCODE --# subfolder, and then all the files in that were supposed to be in the root folder show in there, wheter they were invisible or not in the root. Also, they all get their own subfolder within the TRANSCODE. And when I get in, there is the video (and an audio?) file. The video, again, plays beautifully, but without subtitles.

The "no subtitles" thing is a deal breaker for me. The main reason I need subs at all is my wife does not speak english, so I have to go back to copying the files in a pendrive and taking them physically to the TV - a major pain - so we can wtach anything.

Can anyone please give me some pointers to ways through which I can fix the issue? Getting insider the TRANSCODE folder does not bother me (though it's weird), but I REALLY need to make the external subs work...

Thanks in advance for any help,

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