Quick note about the iPad (it now works)

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Quick note about the iPad (it now works)

Postby banana » Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:14 am

Hi guys.

I spent the last hour scourging the forums for iPad apps that work with PS3 Media server. I finally found something. :)

I am using PMS 1.70.1

I set the default renderer when automatic detection fails to iPad / iPhone.

I forwarded port 5001 on my host machine.

8player Lite (the free version) seems to work.

Delete/lock this thread or whatever, just let it be known that for now, 8player Lite can play .mp4 and .avi files.

EDIT: Something worth mentioning, 8player Lite will not allow you to play any files other than the first five in a given folder, so you will want your movies to be in their own directories and you may need to tediously create unnecessary directories for your episodes.
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