Android: Bizarre Streaming Audio Language Issue

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Android: Bizarre Streaming Audio Language Issue

Postby Orbixx » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:58 am

Running 1.70.1.

Two test devices, two different results.

    Standard PS3
    Nexus 7, Android 4.1 with BubbleUPnP (DLNA) Server and MXPlayer for playback

With precisely the same settings on PMS, the PS3 will (correctly) play back an MKV container with dual audio (where 'eng' is flagged for default, along with a supplementary 'jpn') with 'jpn', with 'eng' subtitles as that is how I've set it. This works flawlessly.

When doing the same with BubbleUPnP and MXPlayer on Android with the same running instance of PMS, 'eng' audio plays back with 'eng' subtitles.

Due to a lack of understanding of the mechanics of DLNA and PMS' transcoding mechanism, I'm unable to efficiently debug further by myself and need some informed assistance.

When the PMS server determines the request and the resulting audio/subtitles, does it solely throw the selected streams into the transcode, or does it throw all streams into the transcode, but change the defaults?

If it's the former, then why would PMS be incorrectly selecting the wrong stream when a different device requests that exact same file in the exact same server instance with the exact same config?

If it's the latter, then is there a way for it to do the former so my player does not use the 'eng' stream?

Many thanks.
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