Issues with iphone/ipad (airplayer) with 1.60

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Issues with iphone/ipad (airplayer) with 1.60

Postby talantyyr » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:55 am


I've experienced some issues with 1.60 and my iphone / ipad using AirPlayer.
In 1.50 everything was working.

When i browse my AVI's each one is shown with 1B of Size. The Length of the Movie isn't shown correctly during playback, ( 00:00 - 99:99 ) and i can't jump to any position.
This was working perfectly with the last 1.50 release.

I'm using the latest, official 1.60 Build for Linux (openSuSE), but a friend of mine, who's using PMS on a Mac experienced the same issues.
I've attached the Screenshots... (Unfortunately only 3 Screenshots are possible... So i can't attach the last on which shows the Movie running with 00:00 - 99:99).

I've looked at the debug.log, but the only error i get are tons of:
DEBUG 2012-08-09 10:39:22.599 [Thread-29] [VD_FFMPEG] DRI failure.

If needed, i can attach both debug.logs (1.50 / 1.60)... But i think this error should be reproducable for everyone with 1.60 / iPhone / iPad

I've also compared the renderer configurations of both versions, and didn't find any (important) difference .
PS3Media Server is at standard-configuration. (Without MediaLibrary)

Oh, this only happens with AVI Movies, MKVs are still working flawlessly!
And it doesn't depend on the Movie. Each of my Movies are messed up.

Should i report this on the Google Code Bug Tracker?
Foto 3.jpg
FileList - 1.60
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Foto 2.jpg
Movie - 1.50
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Foto 1.jpg
FileList - 1.50
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