AVC H264 (x264) AAC Audio

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AVC H264 (x264) AAC Audio

Postby mattghi » Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:53 pm

Hi all,

Just thought I'd post this for anyone experiencing probs with 'some' files of the same type working and others not on their renderer. I recently bought a Panny E5 series LED tv and have been trying to stream my movies to it with limited success. All the files were, on the face of it at least, the same. All .mp4 AVC vid and AAC audio and i was bemused as why some would play and others with get the dreaded 'File not supported'.

Then it dawned on me...

All those that didn't work were created back in the days when Handbrake used presets, and having a PS3 I just used to use that preset. Having used 'PS3' all those films have a data rate of 2500kbps (the only difference i can note between those files and the ones encoded using 'Normal' or 'high profile' as they now are in HB). Sure enough, anything encoded since HB made the change works and so I can only assume that the data rate of the original PS3 preset files is either to high or was set as a constant rate which the TV won't play.

Oh well - time to re-encode all those files then....

Hope that helps someone..

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