(Xbox360) Overscan compensation option with CoreAVC for h264

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(Xbox360) Overscan compensation option with CoreAVC for h264

Postby valp » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:28 am

Hello there, friends.

I've been using Ps3 Media Server for a few days and I have to say it's just absolutely fantastic!

However, I'd like to share a issue I've been having, so maybe I'll find a solution.

My TV does a 2,5% overscan in HDMI channel, and there's no option to change it even in the factory menus.

So, I found this option of overscan compensation in PMS and decided to give it a shot, but if I enable 2% overscan compensation, the video
won't play in my Xbox 360.
In the logs, I can see the message "Cannot parse AVC header, buffer length is 36". It happens only if I enable that option.

Some settings: I've been using Coreavc (I've seem that FFdshow has an overscan compensation optiontoo, It works on the PC, coreavc doesn't have that tool) with K-Lite 32b+64b, Avisynth is installed (though no video works in my Xbox using avisynth as encoder) on a Xbox 360.

Thanks a lot.
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