PMS + Showtime = Detection Delay

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PMS + Showtime = Detection Delay

Postby SwordOfWar » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:25 am

I've been talking over at the Showtime forums (a media player that runs on jailbroken PS3s) and there is a pretty annoying delay from when PMS is detected in Showtime player.

If Showtime Media Player is open while restarting PMS, then it is detected immediately, but if I have PMS running and then open Showtime Media Player, it takes around a minute to be detected, where as other media servers, such as the Windows Media Server is detected at a much faster rate.

I've searched around but haven't really found any information or possible solutions for this specific issue.

I don't know much about Media Server communication, but is there a way I can increase the "broadcast frequency" so PMS alerts that it is available at a more frequent rate?
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