Server not Shown in AllShare Samsung PS64E8090

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Server not Shown in AllShare Samsung PS64E8090

Postby Kacer » Thu May 17, 2012 8:56 am

Hi everybody,

i have searched this Forum for Help, but i don´t find some helpfull reports.
The Problem is the Server will not be shown on the TV, but the TV is shown in PMS on Windows.
I have tried Windows and Linux PMS 1.51 u. 1.52

Normaly i run PMS on Qnap Nas (Linux).

Now i have downloaded the new pms.jar für AllShare and i inserted a new render conf to PMS.
Nothing helps.

My other Samsung AllShare TV, an 2011 Model shows PMS and all works fine, and my PS3 too.

Somebody an idear?

Thanks a Lot
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