Choppy playback of 1080p

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Choppy playback of 1080p

Postby christovftw » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:41 am

Hi guys,
Could really do with some help on this one... I'm putting together a new media network for home and other uses, PMS is the best streaming software by far apart from this one snag.... so if I can sort it out then it will be absolutely perfect for my needs! I've done a bit of searching around and found some other people saying they are getting choppy playback with 1080p material. However the solutions I have found don't seem to work for me, in some cases... nothing seems to change at all. I should clarify that on the ps3 my media plays back absolutely perfectly, it's wonderful! However I'm trying to play back on an android tablet here specifically, mainly my files are in MKV but there are some in MP4; both exhibit the same problem.

- Subtitles I've read can be the cause, I've tried checking the "definitely disable subtitles" box but they still get sent along with the video... On the tablet I can enable and see them still even after exiting and restarting the server. These subtitles could be the cause still but how do I get the server to actually disable the subtitles if the checkbox and restarting it doesn't work? I've noticed that the choppiness still exists on 1080p files that don't have subtitles as well so perhaps this is just a red herring...
- I've tried adjusting the max height and width in the android.conf but again this seems to do absolutely nothing and the video is still being sent at 1920x1080... so again, this could be the cause but for some reason the android.conf isn't telling the server that it shouldn't be sending files that big in size
- I've set the max bandwidth to different amounts and tried adjusting the quality but this doesn't fix anything, I can see the quality change (lines become blurry, faces become less defined) if I do this but the choppiness is still there. I've tried setting the max bandwidth in the main ps3 media server settings as well as the android.conf but to no avail.
- The transcoding buffer when playing these 1080p MKVs is never doing anything, it always shows empty. I don't see how this can be possible as the tablet will not play MKV files so PMS must be doing something to the file in order for the tablet to play it. It transcodes 720p MKV files no problem, there is no lag and it looks great! But why would it only transcode the 720p and not the 1080p? They're the same file format as far as PMS is concerned so maybe there's a setting I'm missing?

Below is my android.conf, hope this is of some use! I've attached some screenshots of the media transcoding as well.
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# ps3mediaserver renderer profile for Android
# Refer to PS3.conf for help

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Re: Choppy playback of 1080p

Postby christovftw » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:50 pm

So a quick update after some more playing around........ it looks like the tablet will in fact play mkv natively so that's why it's not transcoding anything.
After tracking the bandwidth used for the 1080p file it's maxing out my wifi (only wireless G) so I'm pretty sure this is simply a lack of bandwidth available to give me a full 1080p picture on the tablet.

My next question then is this... can we get ps3 media server to simply scale the picture size down to 1280x720 and stay in mkv? This would be very cpu efficient as it wouldn't have to transcode to mp4, that is of course if it is actually easier to just resize each frame rather than render it in a different format.
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