PMS 1.51.0 won't stream video to xbox 360

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PMS 1.51.0 won't stream video to xbox 360

Postby Risto » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:54 pm

I've used PMS earlier with older versions: 1.10.51
It streams video into my xbox without any problems until i change the settings to max. Transcode buffer max size to 600 and mpeg2 video quality settings to Lossless Quality, Crazy bitrate. It makes the application crash in my computer. So i downloaded the latest version 1.51.0 and tried with that and the new version won't stream anything at all, when i try to play MKV files via my xbox 360 it says "opening" and then pops up an error code...that xbox cannot play MKV files, but it doesn't need to cause the PMS should decode the MKV file itself and then stream the video straight into my xbox. Ive gotten some avi files to work, but the PMS server even doesn't show any bitrate changes, the status stays empty even when i play some avi files with my xbox. Its weird that default settings with the older version lets me play the MKV files, but the latest version does not play any MKV files. Its the same with version 1.50.0. Is there any settings i need to change or download any new applications, ive been messing around with it for 3 hours, and still not getting it to work. Xbox and PC both are connected via ethernet. PC is powerful enough to play everything at max: 16gb ram, core i7 2600k and so on. Firewall is disabled, pc doesn't even have any anti virus applications installed. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: PMS 1.51.0 won't stream video to xbox 360

Postby rxzlion » Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:29 pm

i reverted the mencoder back to MEncoder SB25 strated working again.
the problam is with mencoder not ps3ms.
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