Audio Sync Problem with mp3 >128kbit on Wiselink

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Audio Sync Problem with mp3 >128kbit on Wiselink

Postby divinity » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:25 pm


I have searched the forum excessively, but was unable to find a solution to my problem.
I have a Samsung B650 Series Television in use with currently version 1.50.1. But the problem occured with all previous versions. Network connection: Cable, 100Mbit.

The problem:
Streaming of avi files containing a mp3 audio codec works well, as long as the mp3 bitrate is not higher than 128kbit/s. If it is higher, you can hear tiny bits of stuttering and audio is getting out of sync (falling behind video) for the first half of the video, then getting closer again resyncing with video at the end of it.

I tried playing around with the transcoding options and the .conf file options. But as I am a complete idiot when it comes to codecs 'n stuff, I was unable to accomplish anything. Actually I think I didn't even got transcoding to work as the transcoding buffer remained empty at all times.

By the way: Playing mp3 as an audio file, the television has no problem to playback files with a datarate higher than 128kbit/s.

My questions:
- As I guess it is a problem of the television hard- or software (I tested two different devices), is there any way to modify something in the info/menu/mute/power menu of the Samsung television?
- It is not my favorable soultion to transcode every file sent to the television, but if it fixes the problem: What do I have to do to get transcoding work in a way that only reduces the mp3 bitrate in an avi file?
- Is it only me, or are other people having the same effect?

Thanks for your support! I love your software. Maybe the single most awesome peace of open source I have ever used!

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