Blu Ray Players - UPDATED with more info

Discuss alternative media renderers (not PS3) supported by PS3 Media Server (e.g. Xbox 360, TVs &c.)

Blu Ray Players - UPDATED with more info

Postby infinityends » Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:11 am

I use this with my ps3 all the time.

I want to use it in my bedroom too but I dont want to pay for another PS3

I am looking for a blu-ray player that works well with PS3 Media Server
I have included a list of players that have features I am looking for, but I do not know if they work with PS3 media server

(Below is a link to amazon list of players with amazon instant streaming, I assume most have netflix also, those are the only 2 features I really care about, on top of wanting to stream through PS3 media server) ... sort=price

Any Suggestions?

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