WDTV Live file extensions

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WDTV Live file extensions

Postby Jose1701 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:45 pm


I hope to get some help about the following.

I use PMS headless on a linux machine.

I bought a WDTV Live Streaming Player for my bedroom and I could handle about all of the files which I stream from my server to the WDTV Live SMP. This player has the nice option to show moviesheets and I like to see them. Unfortunately when I use PMS there were only the files shown.
I do have a movie e.g. Back to the future and then the following files were shown:

Back to the future.avi
Back to the future.jpg
Back to the future.xml

Is there any chance that only the movie is shown? Anything I could type in the renders conf. And does anyone know why the moviesheets are not working when using PMS?

When I downt use PMS and stream by using a Windows share (Linux share isn't working - don't know why) then all seems to be correct. But unfortunately some videos are stuttering when streaming to the WDTV Live. Streaming them by using PMS theres no problem.


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