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Re: iPad and iPhone

Postby dethrone » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:26 pm

Hi there, these are my findings... really looking forward to make my iPad get along with PMS :)

I'm using an iPad2 with AirAV, which is free (for the time being? run!) and recommended: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/airav/id480962404?mt=8
(looks like a free version of AcePlayer by the same author?)

It gets detected as an iPad and works fine. Everything gets rendered through MEncoder. Subtitles get rendered and playback is just fine, but I cannot jump to a specific time. The timer stays at 0:00, and the remaining time is always -0:00.

2nd try: temporarily removing ipad-iphone.conf and making an airAV.conf file. I simply duplicated the Airplayer one and changed the user agent to:

Code: Select all
# UserAgentSearch: regular expression to detect the connected renderer.
# AirPlayer has been observed using the following user agents:
# User-Agent: AirAV/1.00 CFNetwork/548.0.4 Darwin/11.0.0
# Combined regular expression of working user agents

(I found the user agent on ipad-iphone.conf)

Ok, so now it doesn't go through MEncoder, and I can jump to a specific time and all is well and I weep with joy... but! No subtitles are rendered. The files get listed with the {External subtitles} string, but they don't get rendered. I understand MEncoder is needed for this? Also, I guess the curly braces thingie is just there to let me know it found a .srt file with the same name as the video.

So uh... there it goes. Any clue? Thanks, cheers!
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Re: iPad and iPhone

Postby gore » Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:39 pm

Thanks for the info about AirPlayer.conf is valid for AirAV :-)

I'm playing with my ipad2 with it.
Im trying to downsample the resolution, how can I get that ? because watching 1080p on iPad2 ain't smart
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Re: iPad and iPhone

Postby infamanious » Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:10 pm

Deflanko..would like to say i did play videos with your most recent updated con for airplayer on 8player lite. I streamed a 720pvideo with minimal lag for a brief moment..still definitely watchable. Then it shit on me..It takes a while to load and the transcode buffer status displays negative values...One second it is at -98,000mb/s then the buffer hits 6, drops to 0 goes back up to 10 then keeps building after that..basically a waiting game, but regardless..could be an issue resolvable. The dev just needs someone to explain the issue indepth.. Although the lower resolution did help considering the specific codecs available atm. Take notice i disabled remux videos with tsmuxer when possiblei nstead of transcoding located in transcoding settings which greatly improved the quality(which is why we need to be able to control the bitrate and specific codec.. I believe you also mentioned the conf has no parameter to specify a specific bitrate cap so you can hit the sweet spot between performance and quality instead crappy..

whats needed: specificallly for dlna players that are free such as 8player lite...

current bitrate :0 mb/s bug..displays strange values but after 2 minutes or so it reads correctly.

peak bitrate value constanstly at an extremely high value..700k..

Transcode buffer status buffers, starts off at a low value...ten fold it, drops..then shoots ti negative values in the thousands...after a couple minutes it starts to buffer nicely consecutively..

what the issue is...being able Properly identifying specific bitrates and a better real time transcoding codec..Take in mind when you stream a 1080p movie to your tv the processor is built to handle it...ipads are puney and shitty..Please correct me if i'm wrong, but anyways...The thing is..actually converting something to a high quality at low bit rate takes a long time and lots of cpu power...I believe an i5 could handle that? if i'm not mistaken..

question: Could i identify specific codec properties in edit codecs specific parameters? Basically what i want to do is use ps3 media server to convert it in real time and stream it that way such as a video converter does...I understand this is what ps3 media server does but at a much higher..higgggher bitrate to achieve a buffer because a tv can handle it..eh?
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