Looking for alternative client

Discuss alternative media renderers (not PS3) supported by PS3 Media Server (e.g. Xbox 360, TVs &c.)

Looking for alternative client

Postby muchgooder.com » Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:16 pm

I'm finishing up a new home theater room and I'll be moving my ps3 down there. I'm planning on having an HDMI switcher so that I can view the ps3 in both rooms but I plan on putting an alternative media streamer in my family room. Can anyone make a suggestion as to what would best fit my needs? I have a media server where I have ripped my blu rays into mkv and m2ts files (mostly the former) and I am hoping to continue to stream those files in the same way that I do with my ps3. I'd like to not break the bank either as I've already spent a ton on the new projector :-). Thank you very much in advance.
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