Won't let me fast forward/rewind while streaming MP4 to 360

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Won't let me fast forward/rewind while streaming MP4 to 360

Postby Ramsus32 » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:12 pm

I just downloaded PS3 Media Server specifically to play MP4 files (since TVersity and WMP 11 wasn't letting me) and to my delight I actually got it working as soon as I installed the program. However, there is a weird issue where it wont let me fast forward/remind. I can pause fine but if I bring up the time stamp of the video, it just says the length of the video is 0:00:00 and wont let me FF, which is weird since the video is playing. I tested this out with AVI files and I can FF just fine and get the correct length of the videos, so not sure why MP4's are an issue.

Also, I've enabled the chapters option, however when I play from the chapters folder I still don't get any option to skip between the chapters, I have to exit the video and pick the 5 minute segment I want to start at (unless this is how it works)
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Re: Won't let me fast forward/rewind while streaming MP4 to

Postby devildog93 » Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:04 pm

The 360 is a finicky renderer. I am not positive yet (as I have 100's of MP4's), but every one of the ones I have played have all required transcoding to be able to play on it. Either the profile was wrong, the bitrate is higher than the 360 accepts in a stream, it only accepts 2 channel audio in a stream except for a specific codec, etc.

The FF/RW function is lost when transcoding
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