Inspire 4G - "Sorry, this video cannot be played."

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Inspire 4G - "Sorry, this video cannot be played."

Postby Sebanisu » Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:21 am

I've been trying to find info on what video formats the phone supports. I seem to only find MPEG4 and H.263. When a video doesn't need trans-coding it plays fine. When It needs trans-coding the phone errors. "Sorry, this video cannot be played." I've been fiddling with the config and searching for a few hours. I tried modifying the Android.cfg But I dunno if thats doing anything. I just think the format that PS3 Media Server converts to is something the phone doesn't work with. I think if there is a way to convert streams to MPEG4 or H.263 or something else the phone supports. Then It'll work :P

Any Ideas? I noticed sometimes the ICON for the android shows up and sometimes it doesn't. I donno if that means much. Someone says TVercity works. I liked using this with my ps3 so I thought maybe it would work for both. :)

Have a good day.
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