Bravia NX720, Internet Radio and Pictures

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Bravia NX720, Internet Radio and Pictures

Postby anzpom » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:50 am

Have adapted the Bravia EX conf file to recognise the NX720, which it does successfully running PMS from a Windows Vista computer over a wireless network (802.11n).

Most video and audio from my home network plays without problem (this is true for the TV itself AND through PMS)
Most internet video can stream okay from the internet without issue (also true for the TV itself and through PMS)

Two problems:
1. It cannot play internet radio stations - going through PMS, it can see the .PLS or .M3U files in the web folder, but then gives an error message when I try to play them.
2. It cannot display certain JPG images - PMS draws the thumbnail, but is unable to render the whole image - this only seems to happen with very large pictures from DSLR cameras, e.g. 5K resolution (both TV nor PMS) - the same picture scaled for the web shows okay.

I have looked through the FAQ and forums and tried solutions for other devices without success.

For problem 1, with the internet radio stations, I am very puzzled that whilst I have selected MPlayer for web streaming, the debug log says that it's FFMpeg falling over trying to play the file. Trying to use VLC (v2.0) for streaming audio (or video) resulted in nothing appearing in the list to play.

For problem 2, is this because PMS is not trying to transcode the image, just passing it to the TV, that can't handle the size?

Happy to post the conf files, etc., if required - but any other ideas?
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Re: Bravia NX720, Internet Radio and Pictures

Postby mortek » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:03 pm

I am having a similar problem with my Bravia 22EX550 using an iMac as the PMS machine.

My TV can playback all kinds of video and audio files stored locally on the iMac and streamed through PMS, as well as video streams from the WEB.conf.

The problem is that it cannot play let alone recognise any web audio streams at all(not even the default ones). It shows the respective virtual folders as empty.

Any kind of feedback would be highly appreciated.
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