Streaming to Sony Tablet S

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Re: Streaming to Sony Tablet S

Postby ExSport » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:22 pm

Sony Tablet S is Android device so it is not true it only supports WMV format.
Android devices support almost all formats available. It depends on Media Player, like MX Player, because internal player has poor format support.
So the easiest way is to use copy of Android conf file (and change UserAgentSearch string if needed)
Mandatory are two things:
1. Transcoded material takes more CPU and bandwidth so the best way is to stream everything when possible (also not all Android HW are able to use HW acceleration for 1080p MPEG2 file but it works with h264 [mkv,mp4,...])
2. When transcoding is needed, without "ChunkedTransfer=true" many external players (like MX Player) is unable to play transcoded videos
Example of new renderer.conf file: ... droid.conf
In one post I saw someone used AVISYNTH/MEncoder engine. Avoid using AVISYNTH when possible (direct streaming doesn't use any transcoding engine) ;)
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Re: Streaming to Sony Tablet S

Postby fers1970 » Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:28 am

Hi, I´ll take advantage of this topic as I was having kind of the same problem with a Motorola Xoom + skifta + MX Player, and this ¨chunkedtransfer = true¨solved I can play the movies on my tablet, however I now have another issue that I don´t know how to solve: the movies play without subtitles. I have external .srt subtitles but the don´t show up when playing the movie, it seems that there´s no transcoding (I understand that there´s always transcoding when you have subtitles, isn´t it?). If I play those movies on my Samsung TV the subtitles show without any problem.

Any help? Is there any configuration that I´m missing?

Thanks in advance.
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