Netgear NeoTV 300sl-100NAS

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Netgear NeoTV 300sl-100NAS

Postby DrakeFS » Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:29 am

Anyone had any luck building a config file for this little guy?

For some reason It doesn't send out a very descriptive header (or I cant find one in the logs)

I have kinda got it working (have to restart PMS for the NeoTV unit to pick it up) but it is iffy at best.
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Re: Netgear NeoTV 300sl-100NAS

Postby rbow » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:08 pm

I've started a custom render profile for this. As you mentioned there isn't a lot to go on as it identifiers itself as a "BD-Player" to begin with. My NeoTV Max will pick up PMS eventually, it does take about 15-60 seconds to show up in the interface which is frustrating.

My current issues which I'm still working on are:
    -Long time to find PMS within the DLNA windows
    -Transcoding isn't functioning at all, the neotv handles everything I have out of the box so this is a big issue for me
    -I still haven't put all the file formats in for audio or images, I should also review the full list of video as well.
    -Long list of files within a directory is returning empty, I suspect NeoTV is timing out it's request while PMS builds the list
    -No thumbnails in video view yet

Copy below and the attachment into the renderers directory and see if you get better results.

Code: Select all
# ps3mediaserver profile for neotv renderers

# General informations / detection


# User-Agent: User-Agent: IPI/1.0 UPnP/1.0 DLNADOC/1.50, BD-Player

# ---
# User-Agent: IPI/1.0 UPnP/1.0 DLNADOC/1.50

# ---

# ============================================================================

UserAgentSearch = IPI/1.0
UserAgentAdditionalHeader =
UserAgentAdditionalHeaderSearch = BD-Player

#Basic capabilities

# DLNA settings

#Use the DLNA feature seek by time and not by range

#Serve different flavors of localization in the DLNA parameters (PAL/NTSC, NA/EU/JP)
#to allow every worldwide renderer to see the files. Important for Sony Bravia's TVs


# MediaInfo: Set to "true" if PMS should parse files with MediaInfo. This will
# give PMS more accurate information, speed up browsing and prevent potential
# playback errors. It also enables the use of "Supported" to more accurately
# define the supported formats for the renderer.
MediaInfo = true

# CreateDLNATreeFaster: Use faster method to create the DLNA tree using the
# MediaInfo library. Since this is a UPnP specification violation, it is not
# supported by some renderers and false by default.
CreateDLNATreeFaster = false

# Transcoding/Muxing capabilities

#Transcode codecs for video and audio engines
#currently supported: MPEGAC3, MPEGTSAC3 or WMV for video, LPCM, WAV or MP3 for audio
TranscodeVideo = MPEGPSAC3

#Use default DVD buffer size: false = greater bitrate and faster encoding,
#but can generate incompatible videos, depends of your media renderer

#Muxing capabilities: Does the media renderer supports H264 and MPEG2 in a mpegts file ?
#Deprecated if MediaInfo=true

#Does the media renderer supports DTS in a mpeg file ?
#Deprecated if MediaInfo=true

#Does the media renderer supports DTS wrapped into LPCM in a mpeg file ?

#Does the media renderer supports LPCM in a mpeg file ?
#Deprecated if MediaInfo=true

#Maximum bitrate supported by the media renderer (0=unlimited)

#Max Width and Height supported by the media renderer (0=unlimited)

#Does the media renderer supports only H264 L4.1 at most ?

#Does music files need to be resampled at 44.1kHz?

#Does the client need to receive transcoded video with minimal delay ? (Useful when the client has a small timeout delay)

#Size of the transcoded file (unknown length) sent to the renderer (could determine browsing failure/success)
#Possible values:
# -1: Specific value working with the PS3, means perfect transcoding and copying support (it's against the dlna spec though)
# 0: size attribute is NOT sent to the renderer (defaut value if this parameter isn't used)
# 100000000000: 100Gb, if you want to be sure that the media file is not cutted before the end ?

# Misc Images

#Rotate Jpeg files based on EXIF infos

# Misc Files

# Mime types transforms (oldmime=newmime|olemime2=newmime2|...)
# Deprecated if MediaInfo=true

# What extensions are forcefully transcoded
# Don't use this if MediaInfo=true, prefer codec configurations
# What extensions are forcefully streamed as is (and not transcoded)
# Don't use this if MediaInfo=true, prefer codec configurations

# [Supported audio formats]:
#Supported = f:mp3 n:2 m:audio/mpeg

# [Supported image formats]
Supported = f:jpg m:image/jpeg

# ===========================================================================
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