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Postby ExSport » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:57 pm

Another bug when -ass is used.
TV which have problems with Aspect ratio are using something like
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-vf softskip,expand=::::1:16/9:4
for adding black bar so picture will not be distorted.
In this case if subtiltes are rendered and are placed in this added black bar, when :1: is not used, OSD text(subs) are not cleared so they hang until they are overwritten with another ones so garbish is displayed (this zone is not refreshed).
When "-ass" parameter is used, :1: param is not working as expected so text hangs on the screen.
I read lot of complainms that "-vf softskip,expand=::::1:16/9:4" doesn't work for some so now I know why. It works only when -ass subs are disabled :?
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