DVD ISO A/V Sync, Lag and or Stutter (OSX 1.31.0 Beta)

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DVD ISO A/V Sync, Lag and or Stutter (OSX 1.31.0 Beta)

Postby putty182 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 5:47 pm

It's been a few months since I've used PMS, but I'm back. I've been getting video stuttering and massive audio lag when playing back ISO's. Video looks like it's just pausing on frames for a split second, every second - and the audio just keeps going on ahead leaving what's on screen behind.

It seems to be a frame rate / sync issue rather than bandwidth or CPU..
Every other file I've tested plays back normally (from low quality DivX AVI's up to 720p H.264 MKV's)

Not sure if this is to do with the new beta, lion, gypsies or that I'm just missing some settings.

- OS X 10.7 (Macbook 2.4Ghz C2D, 4GB Ram)
- Streaming to PS3, HDMI Out
- Ethernet straight to PS3 (ultimately, will be on wireless-n)
- Source is 23.976 fps (DVD ISO)

What happens with the Defaults:
- Removed ~/Library/Application Support/PMS/PMS.conf (ie, back to Defaults) and only changed Shared folders and created debug.log
- Hit Play, the Mac's CPU hits ~80% while buffering then drops to ~20% when it's full enough
- On-screen playback starts within ~5 seconds, but looks like it's just freezing on frames for a split second, every second.
- Audio races ahead of video, syncs back up if I use "Go To" and seek anywhere else but the video still stutters and lags behind

- "Definitely disable subtitles" No difference.
- Put TSMuxer first and disabling mencoder - debug.log and 'ps -e' show it's still running mencoder. No difference.
- "A/V sync alternative method" off. No difference.
- Turned on !!--Fix 23.976/25fps A/V Mismatch --!! - you can barely notice the video stuttering anymore, but the audio is whaayy out.
- Turned off "Use Multiple CPU Cores." No difference.
- In Expert Settings, added the following line and turned off the defaults - video played fluid but too fast and got ahead of audio this time:
Code: Select all
framerate == 23.976 :: -speed 1.042709376 -ofps 25

- Again in Expert Settings, got rid of the -nosync being passed to mencoder - no luck:
Code: Select all
container == iso :: -nosync

- Burning the same ISO to disk and putting it in the playstation - success!!

After each change I'm saving and restarting, playing back the movie again and then putting the settings back before changing the next one.

I'm up for any further suggestions that could fix this, as I'm wanting to start backing up more in .iso and still use PMS - or is this something for devs to look at??
Can provide any further details if you need.

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Re: DVD ISO A/V Sync, Lag and or Stutter (OSX 1.31.0 Beta)

Postby dgreene4001 » Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:47 pm


I'm a PMS newbie running on a Windows 7 system.

Installed PMS yesterday and left options primarily as default. Played 3 DVD ISO's on an XBox 360... two were fine while the audio on the third lagged about 10 seconds behind the video. Tried some different things re DTS encoding but to no avail. Why would one ISO not work while the others are fine? I'm pretty sure the soundtracks are all 5.1.

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Re: DVD ISO A/V Sync, Lag and or Stutter (OSX 1.31.0 Beta)

Postby Babblu0 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:32 am

When the video is playing, you see a weird multicolored flash of text that stretches across the center of the screen whenever a subtitle should pop up. It lasts about a second and then goes away. Randomly I do see the subtitles at the bottom of the video, but it's cut off and you can only see the tops of the letters. I've tried all combinations of the subtitles settings and I can't seem to get it to work. Any suggestions?
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