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Postby mrGrumpy » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:55 am

I have a number of Foscam IP cameras that I am trying to stream on the LAN. PMSencoder is loaded and working and I have added the stream URLs to the Web.conf file. I can see the folders under "Video" however when I navigate there the response is "There are no titles". The cameras also stream to Surveillance software (Blue Iris) which I have also set up to re stream the video with the same result. All of these streams play properly in VLC.

The camera streams are RTSP h264 video with URLs of type rtsp://user:password@(IP address):88/videoMain, so my WEB.conf entry is "videostream.Cameras, Front Door=rtsp://user:password@(IP address):88/videoMain". The cameras cannot be set up without authentication so in case that was the issue I tried tapping the un authenticated re-stream from Blue Iris with WEB.conf entries of type "videostream.Cameras,Front Door=http://(IP address)/h264/FrontDoor/temp.ts" MPEG-2 transport stream and " videostream.Cameras,Front Door=http://(IP address)/h264/FrontDoor/temp.h264" raw h264 stream and videostream.Cameras,Front Door=http://(IP address)/h264/FrontDoor/temp.m3U8 also videostream.Cameras,Front Door=http://(IP address)/mpg/FrontDoor/video.mjpg" M-JPEG stream all with the same result.

I would prefer to get one of the above methods to work if someone has some advice. As a last resort Blue Iris is also capable of streaming Flash Media Live Encoding (RTMP). Not sure if PMSencoder can tap this directly or if I would have to install a Flash Media Server and re- stream again from there.
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