MLB.TV streaming support for the PS3

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MLB.TV streaming support for the PS3

Postby takoattack » Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:37 am

Any possibility that PMS could support streaming MLB.TV???
Thanks in advance!!

MLB.TV is a paid service that allows you to watch live, or previously archived MLB games on a coumputer. It runs on Flash 10, with the option of adding a plugin called "NexDef" which allows an upgraded HD quality feed. NexDef is currently broken on Windows 7 (although they promise that they are trying to fix it) hence my investigations.

I can snoop the URLs immediately after opening a feed form the listing page. []
EX snoop shows: ( ... 4.swf?v=16)

I tried installing PMSEncoder and adding the feed to my web.conf file, but i think that my syntax is either wrong, or this just wont work the way that i hoped. The directory structure appears, and i get the pretty mlb logo on the game name that i added, but when i try to open the stream i get a "corrupted data" error
EX code from web.conf:

Any ideas? Any plans for future support? I know there has to be other people out there looking for MLB.TV and the PS3 to play nice.
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