Plugin: Web Interface for headless PMS

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Plugin: Web Interface for headless PMS

Postby ntrp » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:36 pm

Hi everyone,
this is a plugin I have created and it is based on jQuery (client) + JETTY Embedded (server). It enables control of UniversalMediaServer and/or Ps3MediaServer from a web browser and includes a wide set of features (the server listens on port 8083, can be configured in PMS.conf, parameter name "webinterface.port"):

- Web Feed setting
- Proxy setting, saving and activation
- PMS settings (render settings still missing)
- Realtime Server log tail (1 sec polling)

The project is still in "super beta" so don't expect miracles but it works well for me, also remember the project was born for UniversalMediaServer and I included PMS only recently.

You can find the project page at, please provide feedback so I can keep upgrading functionalities and fix eventual bugs. I don't know how much time I will have but I will give my best.

A Prebuilt Jar is available in the downloads section, soon I will create a wiki explaining the functionalities and how to configure them.
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