Interfaced: A Plex/Trakt/Pushover Script (2012.12.02)

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Re: Interfaced: A Plex/Trakt/Pushover Script (2012.12.02)

Postby righteousbs » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:14 pm

Sometimes if you navigate too quickly within the Jumpy plugin the file listings do not keep up. Try waiting half a second before each entry into some folder hosted through Jumpy.
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Re: Interfaced: A Plex/Trakt/Pushover Script (2012.12.02)

Postby S7eele » Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:54 am

righteousbs wrote:
S7eele wrote:If I use the script without using PLEX or Pushover will the Trakt scrobbling from PMS still work?

No, the script pulls videos and metadata hosted from your Plex library, the videos get served through PMS and the respective metaData gets used for Trakt.

S7eele wrote:Is there a way I could implement just the PMS to Trakt scrobbling feature?

Yes, you certainly can customize the script, but you'll need to provide the parameters that associate your video file to Trakt's library in another manner (Trakt Seen Show API). If you are able to provide the meta data required for the Trakt API then you are set to customize the Interfaced script (delete,remove, or diasble the Plex/Pushover classes, add in hooks to your file association software, and rewrite the PMS callback portion to display your preferred folder structure).

you would need to to do something like this...
(Sudo code)

listoffiles = MyInterestingVideos # i use Plex.Unwatched and Plex.RecentlyAdded

for file in listoffiles {
PushFileToPMS(file) # see the "Interface with PMS" portion of the script

# scrobble to trakt
if userCommandsScrobble {
metaData = MethodX.CorrelateMetaData(fileToScrobble) # i call can supplement your own method

I used to do my own tv show file association using python and the thetvdb api but I have no need to use it anymore since discovering Plex, I just leave that bit to the professionals. I choose Plex because its a great media library organizer, simple to use and is an accurate meta data matcher, it offers an API to easily pull this sort of information, and supports a number of clients with a great ui (i mainly use it on my ios devices). Okay enough love on Plex. Let me know if you come up with something.

rb, first I give you my apologies for apparently never responding to your reply. I know how hard you guys work to provide an excellent solution and support to back it up. I had some things to deal with and I had been working with UMS for a while before that. Unfortunately I have had some difficulties getting jumpy-xbmc or channels working and stable on UMS, never able to get a stable internet streaming solution (1channel, IceFilms, etc.). They are working pretty damn well under PMS so that is why I try picking up the discussion here. If you need me to submit elsewhere let me know. If I don't here back I will try elsewhere myself.

The one thing I would add to the discussion is that I am using Jumpy for XBMC and that's really it. As you probably know, trakt integration is pretty solid with XBMC, when running it natively anyway. When I stream XBMC->Jumpy-XBMC->PMS->PS3 (XBMC/PMS/Jumpy-XBMC running on Vista x64.) Does this offer any other alternatives, worth pursuing, to the ones you mentioned above?

Thanks so much!
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