Redirecting System audio to UPnP stream

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Redirecting System audio to UPnP stream

Postby danielcnz » Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:46 pm

Hi there, i've been working on a solution to stream system audio, ie any applications audio output to my PS3. Ie send spotify to my PS3 wirelessly..

Currently i have it working using PS3 media server(with the web radio enabled via plugin) + Nicecast to take system audio and make it a stream on my local network. Using the WEB.conf file i just pointed the PS3 media server to the local nicecast stream. This all works fine but it's pretty clunky having to have all these programs open and nicecast is a paid app...

I have tried using programs like Quicktime broadcaster... but no luck, if anyone has any ideas on better ways to do this i'd be stoaked to hear from you.

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