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Re: Does Virtual Folders works

Postby cs2870 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:11 pm

I found this thread while googling. I haven't tried out the media extension yet, but like the original poster, I just want to be able to have multiple drives from multiple networked computers under one directory.


Im on windows 7, all my computers are networked.

computer A is my local computer, local hard drive, has movies, audio, etc. Has ps3 media server running.

computer B is a networked computer, has movies on it. browse the network to computer b, map drive to share, check "reconnect at logon" pick a drive letter. in this case its letter "T"

On computer a, run cmd as admin, and from prompt just run this command for each computer with a share you want to appear in your ps3 media server list. You will have to tailor the paths to your liking.

Code: Select all
mklink /d "c:\users\chris\desktop\dlna_stuff\computerB" t:\chris\desktop\dlna_stuff

my original ps3 media share looks like this

c:\users\chris\desktop\dlna stuff

Restart your ps3ms and the networked directory "computerB" will now appear in your ps3 list of stuff
capitalization doesn't matter in windows. I only used quotes because I had spaces and dashes and stuff in my real path.

You can add as many computers as you like this way and you don't have to screw with ps3ms at all except a restart to update the shares. Their might be a way to do that without restarting, Im pretty new with ps3ms
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