Amahi App & possible payment

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Amahi App & possible payment

Postby Uslackr » Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:59 pm

This is for the PMS core devs.

If you are not aware, Amahi is a home server/app platform based on Fedora. I've been running the platform for some time and it shows promise of stability and utility as a platform and a viable alternative to Windows Home Server. Since I use PS3-MS, it was a natural that I run it on this platform since i already store my video files on share there. I volunteered my time & effort to the team to build an official PMS app for Amahi. This is just about complete.

With its last release, Amahi has changed their model to allow for paid apps in its app repository. As we get closer to releasing the PMS app, I was asked by the team to consider whether the app should be free or paid. I, myself am not interested in payment. I see it as payback to the Amahi and PMS communities. But i don't want to speak for the dev community for PMS.

i don't have a lot of details on the program, but I do understand that for now, you can only be paid in "Amahi credit". It is expected that paypal payment will be available in the future.

So my questions to you all - what are your thoughts on this? if we can get real paypal $ in the future, is there someone paying for server hosting or other costs that could use the cash? other ideas?

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