PMS-magma sources released

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PMS-magma sources released

Postby whitefrt » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:04 pm

Hey all,

I've been recently contacted by a developer asking to release the modified PMS sources I used in the magma release - thankfully I've managed to dig them up in my old laptop.
Totally forgot about this and I had no idea people still use that release (doesn't mencoder support WMAPRO by now?!) until the dev emailed me.

magma (as a standalone executable) was coded as a small project because I was annoyed external streamers couldn't stream 5.1 videos to the X360 while the official media player could.

The PMS integration is essentially just calling magma as an additional remuxing and encoding step (PMS -> mencoder (WMV, PCM audio) -> magma.exe (remuxing ASF with WMAPRO audio) -> PMS -> XBOX) if we're on XBOX and the video has >2 audio channels, it's down to only a few source file changes so I'm surprised no one has asked me about this before.

The real stuff happens inside win32/magma.exe, the way I've built it back then is just a drop in like mencoder with command line and all - if you look in the command line help you can also encode to other formats (HW accelerated H264, 24 bits audio etc) also video as VC1/WMV3 with additional GPU hardware encoding but if I remember correctly back in 2010 it was actually SLOWER on my crappy laptop than software WMV2 so I've dropped it. Not sure which release is included, I have to dig up all the old stuff in my old hard drives.

Attached is the a direct drop from my own PMS directory, the sources are probably as close to the original release (with the only change being some tests and 24 bits audio as default) - I don't really remember everything I've changed but if you diff with the previous version (of 2010) you could see all of them and easily integrate it with newer releases Mostly ( and others, and some conf files I think - could be more).

Sources: ...

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